Te Amo Llamas – Our New School

As parents, we are constantly faced with a myriad of decisions to make on behalf of our children. Some of these decisions are much easier than others. For instance… I honestly don’t care what Munchie wears to school, so long as he’s adequately covered. The decision to dictate my child’s appearance? Like… be clean… but […]

Thanks to the Neighbor Kids

Spring has sprung, the weather is getting nicer, and after school our court is flocked with children. We have a good mix of ages and the older kids are great about looking out for the younger ones. It reminds me a LOT of my own childhood… growing up in suburbia. Munchie loves being outside and […]

Sleep Training… Again.

Didn’t we already do this? Yes. Then, we made an epic parenting fail. At one point, Munchie got really sick and did this thing where he stopped breathing when he laid down (terrifying, I know… it was… like… a year ago) and we got soft and started letting him co-sleep again. I KNOW, RIGHT?!?!? Everything […]

Porta-Potties (because sometimes you can’t be picky)

Hey, when you gotta go… you gotta go. Some people have the luxury of holding their bodily functions until they are in a more convenient and comfortable setting… but in the world of potty training, when your kid says potty… you find a potty (even if that means building one faster than a Lego Master […]

FIRST RUN – Double Bubble Fun Run

Muchie loves to run. He loves his friends. He loves his family. And… he loves obstacle courses! Naturally, this led to our family teaming up with a few families from Munchie’s school and running the craziest fun run I’ve seen for kids his age. From climbing hay bales a couple stories tall and sliding down […]

Penis. Vagina. Nipples. Anatomy.

Blushing yet? We don’t nickname body parts… and that freaks some people out. Sorry… not sorry. Every family is different… and this is just how we roll. Some families are super modest, which is fine – but we don’t go out of our way to shield Munchie from nakedness. (This would also require a certain […]

That One Time I Got a Job and Totally Neglected My Blog

I’d be lying if I said a certain amount of guilt hasn’t kicked in. My memory is the equivalent of apples that have been mashed into sauce… with a little spilled on the floor and gobbled up by the dog… never to return. In a sense, my blog is our “book” of memories, our baby […]

Hello Workforce – Did You Miss Me?

It seems this is the week of big changes. A two-year old… a toddler bed… and a WORKING MOMMA BISH!!! Today, after two years of staying at home with my favorite little guy in the world (and some of his friends), I am going back to work. I am beyond thrilled to announce that I […]

I Love Pizza… and Mommy

After 30-minutes of NOT napping, I rescued Munchie from the torturous confines of his room. He had tossed all the contents of his crib over the rails, including his beloved binkie, buddy, blankies, and CRIB SHEET… because I guess throwing out the crib sheet is the toddler equivalent of an adult throwing in the towel. […]

Proud Mom Moment – My Kid Discovered Bubble Wrap

Okay, let’s be honest… he didn’t like invent the incredibly entertaining, ingenious material that is so amazing… it has its own virtual apps… but he did figure out how to pop it… and for me… that’s pretty much the same thing (aside from the fact his type of discovery doesn’t result in any money in […]
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