Broken Femur – Zero Stars

I highly recommend you avoid such a tragedy as breaking your femur. Twelve weeks without putting weight on my leg is going to drive me batty, which is why you are once again being graced with a blog. We’ll see how long this lasts. 😉

THE FALL. It was Christmas Eve and I was carrying armfuls of wrapped gifts and last-minute Christmas magic to my car, when my toe got caught on the curb, I tripped, and I went down HARD.

My Christmas miracle would have to be the neighbors who rushed to my rescue, stabilized my leg, called paramedics… wow. I didn’t know most of those who helped me, but they brought blankets and a mask, took their own coats off to prop my head up. They ran into the house to grab a charger for my phone so I could stay connected. Neighbors and their kids helped load the scattered gifts into my car, hanging onto my key so Santa could come and scoop up the sleigh of goodies. I can’t thank these people enough. Had they not jumped into swift action, I could have nicked my femoral artery and this story would be a LOT different.

Anyway… I get rushed off to fix my busted leg. Two hospitals, two surgeries, and two holidays later… I’m home with my people. More story to come… because it gets interesting.

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