Sometimes, You Drive Me Nuts!

My dear, sweet, perfect, angel baby… sometimes… you drive me nuts. I mean, yeah… of course, I’ll always love you… but come on kid… cut me some slack! I think everyone who has ever loved a child knows what I’m talking about. You love this precious little being more than life itself… and you stare at that perfect little face… and then they bite you right on the nose! CHOMP!

I didn’t get bit today (Munchie never really did the biting thing)… but there was a LOT of screaming and yelling… some throwing and swinging… stomping… oh, it was delightful… and all before we left for school.

No, I don’t live in a fairytale land with a fairytale child. I have a real life. It’s complicated and messy.

This morning was hard. This morning broke me. After putting Munchie in time out, I stepped outside and took a few deep, calming breaths. The cool, crisp air was a shock to my lungs and my senses and I┬álet out an overwhelmed sob. A couple more breaths and I headed inside, quickly dried my eyes, and Alexa started beeping… signalling the end of time out.

We debriefed. Of course, he’d been upset for not knowing how to verbalize his feelings (per the usual) and we had a discussion about the proper way to go about handling ourselves. His trigger? The same as every morning. He didn’t want to get dressed. *sigh* My little nudist.

I share this with you, not for sympathy… because I’m not unique in my experience… I’m just a mom. I share this with you, not for your advice or judgement… because I have plenty, thank you. I simply share, so that another mom who might be having a rough moment might feel a little less alone.

You’re never alone… none of us are perfect.

Public Apology: This morning, I am pretty sure I yelled, “Godspeed,” while pulling away from the school. #mybad

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