Intentional Presence

Last week, Munchie and I went on a divine little nature walk with some friends and someone stumbled upon a nest of frog eggs. The group of kiddos were thrilled with the find and quickly scurried across the pond on a fallen log to check it out. I honestly didn’t know our kids were capable of walking across a log like that – but what a cool experience – and golly… they were quick!

For me, one of the fun parts of being a parent is watching Munchie experience new things and get excited about stuff. I’ve seen frog eggs and tadpoles before. We had a pond growing up. I’ve seen quite a few tadpoles. They don’t excite me. BUT… they fascinate Munchie. The glow on his face and the glimmer in his eyes when he stares at some floppy little tadpoles absolutely melts my face off.

The kids spent the afternoon running around in the sunshine with their little metal pails, scooping mud and water from the pond, creating giant puddles, and splashing until they exploded into the most glorious belly laughs you could imagine.

Sometimes, we have to remember to intentionally slow down and be present for our children… enjoy life through their eyes. Last week’s playdate was a fantastic reminder of that.

No… it’s not always easy… but it’s worth it!


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