Sleep Training… Again.

Didn’t we already do this? Yes.

Then, we made an epic parenting fail. At one point, Munchie got really sick and did this thing where he stopped breathing when he laid down (terrifying, I know… it was… like… a year ago) and we got soft and started letting him co-sleep again. I KNOW, RIGHT?!?!?

Everything was going perfectly, he was a lovely little sleeper… and then one day… BAM… in a moment of weakness, we brought him into our bed… and our sweet arrangement of two rooms, nights free of being kicked in the kidney, waking up without feet on our pillow, or a toddler somehow wedging his tiny bones directly into our spine (I swear we woke up with face prints in our backs… I don’t know how the child breathes… superhuman, I assume), was all but a fleeting memory.

At our wits end, we attempted to have rational conversations with the nighttime terrorist (you sleep with a small ninja in your bed and see how things go)… finally coming to the conclusion his toddler bed (aka “little boy bed”) was no longer sufficient, nor was his monkey room. He wanted an outer space room and a big boy bed.

For three, this kid has some incredible negotiating skills… which he doesn’t often get to exercise… but in this case, we’ve grown rather desperate. After an overhaul on the bedroom (thanks for delivering and making things easy, Amazon), complete with waterproof mattress (not playing that game), we were ready to get serious.

For some reason, I thought we would just show Munchie his new room and he would start sleeping in there. Yeah, right. He was excited… but Daddy Bish had a LOT of research ahead of him. What I can tell you… I fit in a twin bed and don’t have to lay on the floor. We’ve started escaping from his room after he falls asleep… and when he gets up, we just put him back in bed and lay on the old mattress (on the floor in case he flops out of bed) until he falls asleep again… and I think we can see the light at the end of the tunnel (knock on… everything).

We’ve been a co-sleeping family and a non-co-sleeping family off and on since Munchie was born. You do you. What I can honestly tell you is that I love the snuggles and bonding time of co-sleeping, but I do sleep much better when he isn’t in our bed… which my fitbit will absolutely confirm. At this point, with Munchie in bed, I become unsettled 37-64 times per night. Without him in our bed, it’s far less. I love this kiddo with all my heart… but Momma Bish needs some sleep.

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