Christmas 2013

4 Years ago, we sent out Save the Dates.
3 Years ago, we mailed our Wedding Invitations.
2 Years ago, we sent Pregnancy Announcements.
1 Year ago, Munchie “drove” into mailboxes.

This year… I’m sitting here freaking out about the fact that we have yet to take our Christmas card photo. I know exactly what I’m planning to do… I have known for months… and Patrick is on board. But will we be able to pull it off? Will people end up with a card from the Bish Family in their mailbox before Santa shows up? Eh… maybe.

Last year, we sent nearly 200 Christmas cards! That’s a lot of freaking cards… and postage. I love sending Christmas cards… and I know people like to receive them… but if you don’t get one… don’t bitch about it. We aren’t in middle school.

If you haven’t been involved in our lives in the last year… don’t expect a card. If you are a meanie face… don’t expect a Christmas card (but, we will pray for your unkind soul). If you didn’t send us a Christmas card… don’t expect to get one from us. If you send a Christmas card to us super close to Christmas… your card from us may not arrive until after the new year (when I realize that oh sh*t… I forgot to send you one). If I don’t have your updated address… don’t expect a Christmas card (but the new people living in your old house might get one).

Seriously… I catch about as much flack every freaking year from people I don’t send cards to as I did about people not getting an invitation to our wedding. #areyoufreakingkiddingme #growup

If you don’t get a card from us, but think you should have… you are probably just wrong… because I never make mistakes (yeah, right…).

Chances are pretty good that I will end up posting our Christmas card photo online… so you can always just print out the picture, tape it to your fridge, and pretend like we actually like you.


Note to our international friends… I’m only sending a max of FIVE international cards this year. (Postage will equate to about one fancy holiday drink at Starbucks.) If you want one, send me a message… with your correct address (because I don’t want returned mail from Poland, Malta, New Zealand, etc). Cheers!