The Definition of Friendship



I’m far too lazy today to figure out how Webster or Google define friendship… but I certainly know it when I see it… and I see it in Munchie and Sweet Cheeks. In fact, I don’t just see a friendship… I see a best friendship. Below are a few observations I have made; from which I have drawn my conclusions.

1. When separated for any period of time (a week, a day, an hour) they are GENUINELY elated to see one another. Smiles, squeals, jumping around, giving hugs… simply freaking adorable. My kid doesn’t even get this excited about seeing anyone else… ever. (Grandparents are a close second… but no one makes this kid happier than Sweet Cheeks,)

2. They listen to each other’s ideas… and hop on board. Everyone has that one friend who you KNOW wouldn’t be able to bail you out of jail… because chances are pretty good that you would get arrested together. Well… after catching these kids work together to pull off great acts of shenanigans (like trying to ride down the stairs in a box, flipping the ball pit and scattering balls all over the house, etc), I’m sure we can check this off the list.

3. Friends will share… heck you might even share with a stranger… but only BEST friends share granola bars and cookies. That’s just science.

4. Frequently mistaken for siblings? (Because they are both so adorable… that’s my guess.) Check.

5. Laugh in unison when I’m trying to bring the hammer down? (Further backing up the sibling thing, too.) Check.

6. Getting into laughing fits (about absolutely nothing) together that lead to copious amounts of tears, snot, and sometimes full diapers. Check.

7. Fight like siblings? Check.

8. Make up two seconds later? Check.

9. Know how to make each other feel better? (Sweet Cheeks runs for Munchie’s binkie… and he will drag her diaper bag over and try to dig out one of her toys.) Check.

10. Have each other’s back? Check. Sweet Cheeks and Munchie are hella protective of one another. Don’t believe me? Try to pick up one of them when they are together. I TRIPLE DOG DARE YOU! (Warning… they go for they eyes and the throat… and let out screams of a frequency that makes all dogs within a four mile radius start barking.)


Friends are important… best friends are a gift. I’m so thankful these kids have one another. They are so super awesome!

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