The Caffeinated Laptop Disaster/Miracle

The Caffeinated Laptop

Nothing says “Happy Freaking Monday” quite like a toddler dumping your (much-needed) cup of coffee directly into your laptop keyboard. I was literally sitting at the table… typing away… when Munchie ran over, quickly grabbed my coffee, and dumped it all over the computer. (Excuse me… since when can he reach that high?)

I reacted with lightening speed, unplugging the device, flipping it upside down, and grabbing gobs of paper towels to blot up the mess. Yes, I know he’s a toddler… and yes, I know accidents happen… but what I don’t understand is how something so crazy could have happened while I was sitting RIGHT THERE!?!? (He’s quick!)

I didn’t yell at him, though I did stick him in his room while I cleaned up the mess. This is when having a husband who is a techie really comes in handy. I started popping keys off my laptop keyboard to dry off all the nooks and crannies. About halfway through the keyboard, Daddy Bish walks through the door.

Confident my superhero of a husband will be able to restore my computer to working condition, I had him take a look. “I think your motherboard is fried.” An internal panic attack started to ensue… “and you probably shouldn’t have popped all these keys off… most of the time you can’t get laptop keys back on.” Well… crap.

After a night of drying… and lots of praying to God that he would have mercy on my motherboard (because you have to be specific in your prayers)… I put the battery back in. HUZZAH! Motherboard NOT fried! My keyboard, on the other hand (which I did manage to reassemble) had a few keys that didn’t want to respond. Solution? USB keyboard. (My laptop and I have been through a lot together… wedding planning, several jobs, baby announcements… googling what fruit/vegetable Munchie was looking like in my belly… blogging… we have an intimate history.)

This afternoon, I fire up the laptop… and through what I can only explain as a technical miracle… EVERY key on this thing WORKS! (I did have to pop the space bar off and reconnect it… but that’s it!)

After moping around for a week about having a broken computer, I can move into the weekend with a fully functioning device. (Several people have pointed out that I’ve been a bit “off my game” this week… and now you know why.) While I would like to tell you that I have learned my lesson… I’m still sitting here, blogging, with a cup of coffee in front of me… but Gabba is on… so I think I’m safe… for now.


Dear Otterbox,

My laptop is WAY more valuable than my phone. Trying to make me a kid-proof case for this thing?

Momma Bish

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