Coming from a family of sarcastic tricksters, we weren’t shocked when Munchie started psyching us out (though I do admit, I wasn’t expecting this from him at such a young age). ¬†From the time he was just a few months old, we started practicing the phrase, “not in the mouth,” which I must admit is perhaps the most helpful thing (aside from walking) that he has probably learned so far.

We recently brought back play dough, after a pretty lengthy hiatus (eh hem… Mommy was being lazy). Munchie knows he isn’t allowed to put the stuff in his mouth… but like most toddlers, needs to be reminded of the rule every once in a while. No big deal… but apparently my “not in the mouth” command and accompanying facial expressions are hysterical enough to demand an encore… because he started putting the dough up to his mouth (wide open), freezing in place, and giggling!

He’s like, “Hey Mom, look what I’m doing! Are you going to stop me? Or are you going to let me eat this (non-homemade… because you were being lazy… probably made in China from the toxic chemicals and the souls of small children)?”

Taunting us with his antics has become quite the game around here. From pretending to eat play dough, to testing the limits on how many times he can knock his milk over before we declare, “all gone,” we are most definitely in a stage of exploring boundaries.

It kills me… because I know he is totally aware of the rules… and I know he is trying to see what he can get away with… but at the same time, he is being so goofy about it! Sure, before I have my coffee in the morning, the antics are less than adorable… but once Mommy has the energy to fully engage… this kid goes from being a crazy mischievous, boundary pushing maniac… to a hysterical little jokester, just trying to get a rise out of us.

My only regret is not having an unlimited amount of energy to always be 100% engaged and tolerant of his shenanigans… because deep down, he really down know what the boundaries are… and he’s just trying to play. (Well… most of the time… sometimes, I’m pretty sure he’s trying to give me a heart attack so he can climb on the table and eat all my disgusting… but oh, so addictive, candy corn, before anyone is able to alert a medical professional.)