noodle art

Very little surprises me anymore. Since I stepped foot on the crazy train, I have learned to expect the unexpected. But… it does seem like just when you think you have seen it all… your kid finds some new and crazy way to try and shock you. Like…seriously… I’m pretty sure Munchie sits awake in his crib at night, just plotting his shenanigans for the next day.

This morning, I’m trying to down a cup of coffee (in a last-ditch effort to wipe the zombie-fied look off my face) and filling out forms for Munchie’s first dental appointment. I glance up and he is sitting across the (super messy) table from me. Too tired to process the extent of the situation, I go back to filling in all sorts of numbers and details… which… again, given my state of exhaustion, are taking every ounce of brain power to remember.

Then, I hear a crunch. WTF was that? I only gave him a bottle and a banana! What was he crunching? Crap.

I look up just in time to catch him in the act. He has located the macaroni pumpkin Sweet Cheeks made this week and is proceeding to pick off the bright orange noodles and EAT THEM!

“Hey! We don’t eat macaroni art for breakfast!”

He looked at me and I could see his little eyes twitching, as if they were trying to figure out how to make an exaggerated rolling motion… and he hopped down off the chair.

While I’m not shocked that Munchie attempted to eat macaroni art for breakfast, I am always slightly amused by some of the phrases that come out of my mouth.