Munchie at Target

First, you need to understand that my child LOVES Target. We typically visit the store during less crowded times of the week, so he can stomp around, check things out, play in the aisles a bit… it’s fun… so, of course he loves it.

Well, yesterday we were at Target buying some new (insert way more random crap here than we ever intended to purchase). My husband and I looked at each other and exchanged an, “OMG, we need to leave now before we pile anything else to this cart, which resembles some sort of mountain only the most experienced climbers would even attempt to scale,” kind of glance.

I told Munchie it was time to go… and he immediately expressed his displeasure with our decisions, which he didn’t even get a chance to weigh in on so that he could express his counterarguments and opinions. (How very inconsiderate of us.)

So, I’m holding both of his hands, walking behind him as he sobs (some seriously convincing tears) which are breaking my heart… almost as much as our overflowing cart threatened to break our bank account… and I muttered, “I know Buddy, I’m such a mean Mommy.”

Just as I muttered the phrase a second time, a gentleman (maybe 50) walked down the aisle in the opposite direction. I thought he was going to shoot me one of those, “get a grip lady, can’t you control your kid, why don’t you just put him the damn cart” kind of looks. BUT… without missing a beat (or even slowing his step) he made eye contact with me and with a gentle smile on his face he said, “No you’re not – You’re doing a great job, Mom!”

A smile instantly spread across my frazzled face. Had I been by myself, I probably would have been reduced to a crying heap on the floor (obviously, the most natural way to express my gratitude)… but I was pretty sure that if I so much as stopped walking, my husband (not seeing me over the cart) would have run me over, right there in the middle of the home decor section of Target.

So, to the stranger I was too caught off guard to thank… THANK YOU, SIR! Your kind words are still ringing in my head and are more appreciated than you know.

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