Most people dread Monday mornings… but not us! In fact, we LOVE Monday mornings! (Okay, that’s a lie… we love every OTHER Monday morning.) I don’t know what happens in your world on Monday morning, but we keep our eyes glued to the windows and storm door… just waiting for our BFF Brian to come around on his super awesome big blue truck!

Brian is our super awesome recycling guy. (Yes, we are on a first name basis with him… aren’t you?) Since Munchie was a wee little guy, we have been racing to the front door on recycling days to watch his big blue truck flip the bins and crunch and munch on a variety of glass, plastic, and paper goods. (Oh, you watch trash collection? We would too… if it didn’t occur at 5am.)

Brian is super awesome and parks his truck right in front of our house. He drags bins from the neighboring houses over, so Munchie has a front row seat to the action. If the weather is nice, we stand outside for a quick chat… but even if that doesn’t happen… we are always certain to wave, clap, and exchange big smiles.

I’m pretty sure Munchie thinks Brian is a member of our family… which, he seems nice enough to fit in… and we are a warm and welcoming bunch… so sure, Munchie… why not!?!?! In all seriousness, I can’t even tell you how awesome it is when people take a couple of moments out of their day to interact with a kid who is FASCINATED in what they do.

Likewise, I think teaching kids to interact with and appreciate other people in the world around them is super important. A simple smile can truly brighten someone’s day. A wave, a hello, a thank you… these simple actions can be incredibly powerful. Teaching our children to interact in a friendly manner with their fellow human beings is (in my opinion) a key element in raising a kid who isn’t a little punk.

Maybe we can all learn a little from Munchie’s friendship with Brian. I encourage you to take a moment today and share a smile, wave, handshake, hello, or thank you with someone today. (I feel I should note that this is intended to be done in a “non-creepy” way. Don’t be a creeper.)

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