Munchie really enjoyed helping!

If you don’t know what is happening in our home, let me fill you in. My WFH hubby (OMG… what did she just say about her husband? Let me save you the Google search – Work From Home) is moving his office to the (unfinished) basement! This will do two things.

1. Become his motivation to finish the basement (or at least an office in the basement)… because it is cold down there… and creepy.
2. Open up the spare room… which will become our new playroom… something I have been pulling for since Munchie was born!

I have been on the lookout for a kid-sized table and some chairs to put in the new playroom. Ultimately, I thought this would land me back at IKEA (which is far enough to be considered a road trip, as far as I’m concerned). BUT… last weekend, we were on our way to the farm… and I spotted a YARD SALE! Even better than a back country road yard sale? A WOODEN KID-SIZED TABLE AND CHAIRS!!! (And a wooden rocking horse… and some blocks.) Just $10 later ($5 for the table), I was a happy camper!

The set was well loved and needed some work. Having never refinished a piece of furniture, I didn’t even know where to begin. I thought about sanding it, re-staining it… blah blah blah… but that seemed like a LOT of work… and… I’m lazy (umm… I also have a one year old). So, naturally, I decided on spray paint.

I found this awesome primer/sealer stuff that didn’t require sanding (thank goodness) and a couple colors of paint I liked. I wanted to try for a distressed look… since anything I did would likely be destroyed by the kids anyway.

I didn’t find any simple “how to distress with spray paint” tutorials online, so I just made it up. I covered everything with the white, no sanding, primer. (I ran out, so I’m just crossing my fingers the rest of the paint doesn’t flake off.) Then, I covered everything  with a paint+primer can of teal. Then, a paint+primer can of hippie green. I took my coarse sandpaper and started scratching everything up. Munchie helped with this… and had a blast. (You are sanding it down anyway… why not let your kid help?)

I still have a bit of sanding to do… and I’m debating a clear coat… but I would say this looks pretty good for my first try… and instruction-less attempt (all the tutorials had too many steps… screw that… I had to do this during nap time).

Would I do this to any other piece of furniture? Maybe… so long as it was either going in the playroom or being hidden in the attic. BUT… I had fun. I needed a project. I’m learning (learning to never pick this shade of green again, because it looks like an infant pooped on the chairs… but it looks less awful when I sand down to the teal).

Color aside… I’m really proud of my project… so if you ever get a chance to see it… I want nothing but compliments. Just remember. I know where to buy poop green spray paint… and I probably know where you live.

Oh… and Munchie loves it!


Munchie LOVES his new table and chairs!