I have sat down and started to write a long and elaborate post about friendships. I was going to tell you all about how I didn’t care if Munchie was popular, so long as he was well liked and had a couple genuine best friends. I was going to hob gob on about mushy friendships, feelings, and relationships. But, no. Not today.

Today, I am going to sit here and be happy that I am doing my best to raise someone’s future best friend. I’m trying to mold a likable human. I look at the picture associated with this post and just gush with happiness. At a year old, Munchie has friends. He and his friends help each other out, teach one another how to do things… even without using words.

The next generation is already working together. Relationships are forming, the wheels are turning… hold on world… here they come!

This picture just gives me warm and fuzzy feelings.