Daddy Bish and I have decided that we need a bigger bed. We have already established that co-sleeping means no sleeping… but when you add a furry critter to the mix (that would be the dog), finding a place to sleep is nearly impossible!

We are a “cry it out… within reason” family… which means Munchie ends up in our bed sometimes. If Daddy brings Munchie into bed before I am ready to go to sleep, I am likely to forfeit my “spot” for the night. Munchie likes to sleep with his head hanging off the bed… and sometimes after a LONG day… risking waking him up to slip back into bed is not something I am willing to attempt. So… off to the couch I go. (If roles are reversed between Daddy and I, Daddy gets the couch.)

Sometimes, I do risk moving Munchie to the middle of the bed. When this happens, he feels the need to practice his ninja training skills until the wee hours of the morning.¬†Pretty sure every parent can relate… we are all raising sleeper cell ninjas that will one day fight off zombies, aliens, or some other terrifying creatures.

*** Yes, there are Thin Mints on my night stand. No, I do not share.