Mischievous Masterpiece


Sweet-Cheeks climbs up to the table with her coloring book and opens the bin of markers. Munchie is playing quietly in the living room. Taking advantage of this rare moment, I slide into a chair, flip open my laptop, and pull up my email. I glace over my screen to check on the troops. All clear. I glance back down.

Spam. Spam. Special Etsy order request. As I click on the email, Sweet-Cheeks starts saying, “Egg. Egg. Egg.” I look up and notice she is holding a small Easter egg that she found in the marker bin.

Oh, yes. I remember those eggs. We got them at one of our egg hunts this past Spring and I tossed them in with the markers because they are actually self inking stamps. This kid loves stickers, I bet she will love stamps too!

As she opens the egg, I explain that it is a stamp. I got really excited and started to get up to show her how to use it… when… all of the sudden… she presses to her cheek. I’m sure my eyes about popped out of my head. “Sweetie, we don’t stamp skin… just paper. Watch!” I then demonstrated that pressing the stamp on paper would make an orange bunny appear.

She seemed enthused and stamped her little heart out. With the situation under control, I made my way back to the other side of the table to complete the special order I had received. I did a quick scan of the room every 15 seconds or so.

15 seconds – Good to go, keep working.
30 seconds – Work faster, Munchie is coming and will want to sit on my lap, making it impossible to complete anything.
45 seconds – Munchie must have changed his mind.
60 seconds – Sweet-Cheeks is looking at the floor, but in her seat. Keep working.
62 seconds –  Wait. What is on the floor that is more exciting that coloring or stamping in her coloring book?
63 seconds – I dart to the other side of the table.
64 seconds – I freeze, as I see Sweet-Cheeks with a blue egg stamp in her hand, just staring (very proud of herself) at Munchie’s face, which is about two inches from the blue stamp.
64.5 seconds – Notice a giant blue stamp/smudged chick outline on Munchie’s forehead.
65 seconds – Begin laughing uncontrollably as he happily turns around and stumbles in my direction, having no idea what just happened.
66 seconds – Take a picture… because I am SO going to blog about this.
67 seconds – Send picture to Sweet-Cheeks’ mommy, through the tears that are welling up in my eyes from laughing so hard.
68 seconds – Munchie begins crying (not because of the stamp… but because he wants picked up)
70 seconds – Both children freak out as I chase them around the house with a baby wipe and try to scrub the beautiful Easter artwork off their heads.
135,752 seconds – Finally stop laughing, catch my breath, and transcribe the tale for your reading pleasure.

Sweet-Cheeks was delighted with herself and her beautiful form of artistic expression… and I was appreciative of the unexpected humor in my day.

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