Two in Tow


I’m so freaking awesome at being a mom that another child has been entrusted in my care! (And yes, these people have read my blogs and know what they are getting themselves, and their child, into.) She is a very intelligent two year old, beyond adorable, and full of energy and excitement. Yesterday, our adventures began… and we headed up to camp. These were my take aways from the day:

1. My double stroller is NOT fit for off road adventures. – Thank goodness Sweet-cheeks (still working on nicknames) can walk and I had someone to help me get Munchie on my back in the Ergo… because that stroller, while amazing, was not built for trekking through gravel, over roots, across fields, and  over all the bumps of camp. Lesson learned.
2. Camp loves babies. – Bring a baby to camp and you will immediately be swarmed by staff members and little girls who want nothing more than to scoop up your tiny human(s) and make them laugh. Camp is kind of like spending the day with hundreds of aunts who just want to spoil your kid(s).
3. Freeze pops are (Does that sound lame coming from me because I’m “old?”) – Seriously. I try to avoid juices and added sugars… but on a day when the humidity was high and thermometers were teetering on the brink of 100 degrees… nutrition goes out the window and  cooling down and hydration of any sort take priority.
4. Teaching an independent 2-year-old how to eat a freeze pop is hysterical. – Popsicles can be consumed from just about any angle… but freeze pops have one opening… and you have to push the ice toward that opening as you eat them. Let’s just say, there were chunks of freeze pop all of the ground (that Munchie was beyond thrilled to chase around and smash). Summer goal: Learn to eat a freeze pop.
5. I’ve got this under control… until Munchie starts walking. – I could plop Munchie down on the ground and he would play in the grass, dig in the dirt, and study rocks… while I chased Sweet-cheeks around in the field. That being said, once Munchie starts walking I just hope and pray these kids take off into the same direction. (Yeah… I know… fat chance.)

I’m sure all the parent’s reading this are like, “OMG, I WANT HER TO WATCH MY KID, TOO!”… but guess what… notafrigginchance. You should have asked me sooner… because my awesomeness can only be stretched so far (and two kiddos is my limit). But, if you want to have a playdate, that can probably be arranged (as long as you and your kid(s) aren’t annoying or lame… because we have social standards).

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