Your Face is Going to Freeze That Way


You know how some dogs are so ugly that they are actually kind of adorable? I’m talking about the ones with the horribly squished up faces that look like they were a normal dog, but ran into a wall and squished their nose all up into their face… the fugly ones. At some point, a level of ugly flips on a neurological response to trigger admiration signals in the brain… which results in humans muttering words such as, “Aww, look how cute!!!” (This is a scientific fact, discovered by myself… self proclaimed neuroscientist. My credentials include two community college science courses… 7am Chemistry, where I scraped by with a very hungover C-… and some science course about rocks… that I took twice… same reason. So, like I said… pretty much qualified to be a brain doctor.)

Well, this is the same response we have to Munchie’s new (and extremely exaggerated) facial expression. He looks straight ahead, opens his mouth as wide as he can, which makes  his chubby cheeks squish up into his eyes. Then he squints, so his eyes become tiny slits in his face, barely visible over his chipmunk cheeks. He looks like an excited sumo wrestler. (Actually, we call it his horrible Asian face.)

The worst part of this expression, is once you see it… you have no idea what is coming next… because he uses it for just about every emotion. Happy? You are going to get a high pitched scream. Sad? He is going to yell and start crying. Angry? He will unleash the battle cry and throw this arms down, yelling small short bursts of babbling… which sounds like his version of baby swearing.

While absolutely horrible, this facial expression melts my heart. He is so overly dramatic (gee, I wonder where he gets that from) and hysterical looking, that you can’t help but melt a little… and laugh a lot. Daddy keeps saying, “We need to make his stop doing that,” which just cracks me up even further. I mean, what are you going to do? Tell him his face is going to stick like that? Good luck, buddy!

The only ounce of reassurance I have in this whole horrible Asian face matter, is that every kid has one. Every kid has that one expression that is so ridiculous, it almost becomes their signature look. So, if your child is making hideous faces… just embrace it… and remember… they are probably just mimicking you.


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