Road trips are a fond memory of my pre-responsibility days. No baby, no dog… heck… no husband. There were many times that I would pick up my old school Motorola cell phone, scroll through my contacts (which required clicking a button and not swiping a finger), and making a couple phone calls until I had a driving buddy secured. Then, we would throw some stuff in a bag, hop in the car, roll down the windows (because even though the car had a functioning air conditioner… cool kids rode around with the windows down), crank the stereo up (I remember a LOT of Blink 182 and Yellowcard), and cruise out of the driveway, dawning dark sunglasses as we drove off into the distance.

I suppose you could say I have been having a bit of a quarter life crisis, as of late. I don’t want any sort of fancy car… but I have been craving the freedom of jumping in the car and just… going somewhere. I have a cousin in North Carolina who we have been trying to make plans to see… but with my stints in and out of the hospital in the last handful of months, my health has been the biggest challenge. AND… while Munchie and I have a pretty flexible schedule, making the trip alone with a child who wasn’t even a year old terrified me.

On Tuesday morning, Munchie was napping… and I was having a cup of coffee (which is a really big deal… because I don’t do caffeine). I was on Facebook and came across some posts friends had made over the weekend. I focused in on a couple of life mantras, primarily based around people who had been taken from this world too soon. One phrase I read just kept bouncing around in my brain. When life presents you with an opportunity, instead of scratching your head for excuses… just ask yourself a simple question… “Why not?”

With liquid energy pulsing through my veins, I tossed all excuses aside and thought to myself… WHY NOT? I went upstairs to ask my husband if he would be down with Munchie and I heading to NC for a couple days, since we didn’t have anything on the schedule. He said it would be fine, so I picked up the phone and called my cousin. She was beyond thrilled, though she told me this better not be some sort of twisted joke.

It was no joke. Within the hour, we were packed and in the car. We made it to NC in time for dinner. Munchie was a champ and spent most of the trip sleeping. My colitis, one of my biggest concerns, didn’t cause any trouble on the drive. Putting my fears aside, we made the trip… and the kids were BEYOND thrilled to see one another. (Munchie’s cousin was super excited to pet him on the head!)

After a couple days of play, we were back in the car. The drive home was exhausting… but we made it. Munchie demanded we stop rather frequently so he could stretch his legs. My apologies to the diner staff for being the horrible parent that let my child climb on top of the table. It seemed much cleaner than the floor.