The weather is warming up and we are starting to spend more time outside. This means two things. Sunscreen and hats. For anyone who has ever experienced a sunburn on their scalp, you know the importance of covering your noggin. I would assume that most parents are aware children should wear hats to protect the top of their heads and provide a bit of shade to their faces. You see, we have just one problem.

MUNCHIE HATES HATS! If you come toward him with a hat, he starts flailing around. In a rare instance, you might actually get a hat ON his head… but I assure you… it will only stay there for a nano second. Last week, we were shopping with some friends at Gymboree. Munchie and Jack were sitting on a bench watching whatever kids show was on the store’s TV. (Freaking genius move, by the way! I applaud the stores that have figured out that an occupied child will most often lead to Mommy having more time to look around and buy copious amounts of unnecessary clothing and accessories… but I digress.) While Munchie was on the bench, eyes glued to the television, I found an adorable bucket hat that had a neck strap. With one swift motion, I plopped the hat on his head and… before he knew what was happening… velcroed that bad boy on his head.

Without hesitation, he let out a wail and spun around in this seat. With one hand on the bench and the other firmly planted on the hat, he began to yank with all of his might. He screamed and pulled and made quite the scene. He took a deep breath and gave one last mighty tug, which sent him tumbling off the bench. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, he literally pulled himself off of the bench. Much to his dismay, the hat was still attached. He was on the ground, fighting to get it off. I swooped in to save the day and unhooked the velcro tabs. As I removed the hat from his head, we locked eyes, and he stared deep into my soul. Without words, an understanding was formed. Never again am I to strap ANYTHING to his head without permission.

So, I guess we will slowly try to adjust to hats… and if that doesn’t work… our hair product of choice will be sunscreen.


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