This whole “pick your battle” thing is a real b****. You want to shove your friend’s stinky sock in your mouth during our picnic lunch? Sure. Why not? You and your friend want to swap sippy cups and share germs? Well… who am I to stop you? (So long as no one is sick.) You want to chew on the dog’s toys? Fine… you already lick one another in the mouth. You want to play in the toilet water? ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY NOT!

Some battles are easier to fight than others… and some aren’t worth fighting at all. You can only tell a kid NO so many times before you decide their action really isn’t that detrimental (like swapping germs with a friend or pet) to their health. The other day, I was going to tell him not to eat a dandelion, but stopped myself. I let him try it. They aren’t poisonous. He bit off the whole flower, make a face like he had just tasted death, and spit out a big pile of yellow funk. Lesson learned. Don’t eat that. (I’m sure he will try them a few more times. Blech!)

Our on going battle with Munchie has been over the dog’s water. The real reason we don’t want him messing with it is because we just installed hardwood and we simply can’t have water soaking into our floors. Well, he doesn’t understand. In fact, when you break it all down… the situation must be extremely confusing. He can splash in the bathtub. He can splash in his friend’s water table. He splashes in the pool. Heck, we even went outside and splashed in the sensory bin a couple days ago. But this little tiny bowl of water is off limits? I have resorted to just putting the dog bowl outside or on the counter. This is an exhausting battle that I’m tired of fighting and don’t think I will ever win.

Our newest battle is one worth fighting. This is the electrical socket battle. Oh, never fear… we have outlet covers… BUT… we also have a creative thinker on our hands. Munchie likes to crawl up to the socket covers, wedge is teeth under them, and PRY THEM OUT! If I weren’t so freaking terrified, I might have a moment to be downright impressed. Yes, we now pry things open with our tiny crowbar teeth. Wall sockets… the screw covers on the stairs (yeah, those little wooded pegs)… you name it… if it’s dangerous… we pry it off.

We are also facing a new sleeping battle. I don’t know what in the world is happening… but sleep is rare in this house. As mentioned in yesterday’s Facebook update, “SOMEONE has decided that he is nocturnal and that nighttime is the best time to scream. The only way to get the screaming to stop is to put him in our bed. He is also under the impression that break dancing in the middle of the night in Mommy and Daddy’s bed is what cool kids do. This is my message to “SOMEONE”… don’t be a cool kid… BE A LONER! GO TO SLEEP!”