The Unspoken Code of Mystical Holiday Creatures… and the Overachieving Parents that Screw With It


I seriously just scrolled through my Facebook newsfeed and counted SEVEN (yes, 7) children who got puppies for Easter. (And one adult… you know who you are.) WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING TO THE REST OF US??? Do you understand that your kids are going to tell their friends… and those friends will stomp home from school telling their parents that the Easter Bunny is a jerk for only leaving candy at their house? I thought giving kids bikes for Easter (of which I have counted 5) was over the top… but this whole puppy thing really takes the cake.

Don’t make your friends look like sh*tty parents… and don’t make our kids feel like they got screwed by a giant rabbit, fat man, etc.

Pets are for BIRTHDAYS… or if you feel like you HAVE to introduce a new furry critter on a holiday… DON’T MAKE IT A GIFT FROM A MYSTICAL CREATURE!

Stick to the code, or the rest of us “normal” parents who abide by the code will join forces and ensure the Tooth Fairy starts dropping a whole basket of freaking kittens on your front porch EVERY time you kid loses a tooth. Do you know how many kittens we can fit in a basket? Do you know how many teeth your child is going to lose? By the third tooth, animal control will have you under surveillance.

This is your one and only warning… we are watching you.

3 thoughts on “The Unspoken Code of Mystical Holiday Creatures… and the Overachieving Parents that Screw With It

  1. This is great and I completely agree. My only problem is, it shouldn’t be a birthday gift either since the same problem is going to happen. It should just be something that the family decides on together (or at least mom and dad). That same friend is going to stomp home and pout that little Johnny got a cute little puppy for his birthday and all -I- got was a stupid bike. I’m in this boat right now, I want another dog, but getting the rest of the family to buy off on it is rough.

    1. That’s a tough spot to be in, no question about it. We NEVER got animals on holidays, birthdays, etc. LOL… and I can’t say it was something that the whole family decided on. My Dad was one of those “ask forgiveness, not permission” kind of people, when it came to pets. (Especially dogs.) I remember a couple of weeks during my childhood when he would come home with a different dog just about every day. Mom would get home from work, we would have a dog… and she would lay down the hammer. The dog would go back… and he would come home with ANOTHER one… just hoping she would change her mind. Ha ha ha. I think the deaf dalmatian was the last straw. He got off the leash and my mom, despite her loudest whistles and screams, could not get the deaf dog (yes, we all understand the irony… but how do you get a deaf dog to come?) to return to her. I think it eventually came back and got loaded up in Dad’s car with strict orders to return the dog. Oh dear… so many stories.

      BUT… yes, I think we will have family pets… that are family decisions. (Even if “family decision” means Mommy gets Daddy good and liquored up, heads over to… and shows him adorable puppies that he can’t resist. Which is how we ended up with our first fur baby, Trickery.)

  2. Hey hey ! The puppy was a graduation present, it just happened that I got him a week early on easter weekend . My easter bunny always brought candy and maybe a small toy or craft

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