As if we didn’t already feel like we couldn’t live up to the expectations of society, this freaking social media sweeps in and dangles genius ideas in front of us… ideas that would surely save us millions… if only we had the time. I’m talking about that “maybe one day I’ll need to remember this, so let me bookmark a picture of it… in a folder I will more than likely never look at again” website we refer to as Pinterest.

Don’t get me wrong… I love ideas… but some ideas aren’t meant to be shared with everyone. Let me rephrase that. Some ideas aren’t meant to be seen by Momma Bish at 8pm (already 30 minutes after bedtime) when she has, for some unknown reason, a spark of creative energy and feels like being some sort of super overachieving mom.

In my defense… the idea was totally adorable… AND WE HAD ALL THE MATERIALS! Well… mostly all the materials. We had the paper and the spikey ball we needed for this incredibly cute and super quick craft. All we were lacking was the paint. Naturally, as any Pinterest-a-holic, I pulled up a recipe for homemade finger paint… and we were ready to rock and roll. (I will now pause, giving you time to click the links and pin them for yourself.)

I taped down our paper, plopped Munchie in his high chair, dipped our spikey ball in the bright blue paint, set it on the paper, and instructed him to roll the ball around. He looked at me and looked at the ball. He took his adorable little hand, picked up the paint covered ball, AND HURLED IT AT THE DOG! See that picture down there? BLUE DOG!


While chasing down the paint covered ball, Munchie decided to begin finger painting… HIS HEAD!!! (He rubs his head when he is sleepy… so arts and crafts are a WIDE AWAKE kind of activity… and I know that… but the craft was just SOOOOO adorable… I couldn’t resist!!!)


After a bath for Munchie, a scrub down for Trickery (the dog), and some wiping of the floor… we now have a hysterical story, a sleeping baby, a beautiful finger painting on the wall… and a mommy who has one more reason to hate the demon she can’t seem to avoid (because there are sooo many amazing ideas… despite the fact there isn’t enough time in the world to try them all), that the world refers to as Pinterest.

Pinterest… oh, how I loathe/love you.