WE GOT OUR FIRST TOOTH! And His Name is Charlie.


Over the last (almost) eight months, I have grown accustom to having my fingers gummed on by the Munchinator. Yesterday, when we picked up our little man from an overnight adventure at Bubby and Grandpa’s farm… something else happened. HE BIT ME! While in the future, my response to biting will be “We bite food… not people”… on this occasion my reaction was MUCH different. This first instance of biting was met with pure elation, jumps of joy, squeals of delight… and Momma Bish shrieks of “A Tooth! A Tooth! He has a TOOTH!!!”… as my mother and father in law stared at me laughing. (Do they know I get this excited about every tiny event? Probably… and I have a feeling they do too.)

This first tooth is a family tooth… and a tooth that I have (appropriately) named Charlie. You see, this first tooth appeared at Bubby and Grandpa’s farm… on Gram’s birthday! Talk about a special event for the WHOLE family! So… why did we name this first chomper Charlie? Well, he isn’t named after a family member… but instead a pop culture icon. Charlie, the biting baby. (By the way… this viral video is turning SEVEN this year.)

In addition to gnawing on the fingers of family members… Munchie has also made the mistake of biting his own fingers… which results in many many many confused looks and tears. You would think, being the genius that he is, that he would figure out this action causes pain… nope. He just keeps doing it. Perhaps he will make the connection soon. (I think Charlie has a twin that might make an appearance soon… but I can’t tell without being bitten.)

I am starting to learn that all babies get teeth in different ways. Sometimes a corner pops through first… like a pointy knife. Other times, you get a flat edge, like a razor. Charlie has a flat edge… similar in texture to the serrated edge of a butter knife. I only know that because you have to FEEL Charlie… you can’t really see him yet. Charlie is in the front, on the bottom right. While I have caught a glimpse of the pearly white blade my son is hiding in his mouth… he keeps it rather protected with his little tongue… making Charlie nearly impossible to look at. I’m sure in a few days there will be more to see. Come on Charlie!

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