Something horrible happened this morning. Something that could have been prevented if I had simply listened to my husband. This morning, I put Munchie down for his nap… only I didn’t put him in his crib. I snuggled with him in our bed until he fell asleep. Once he was asleep, I created a barricade out of pillows. About an hour later, I was making coffee and I heard a loud thump above my head… followed by a shrill scream. I darted up the stairs to find my little man… my whole world… on the floor. I ran over, snatched him up, and held him tight. Comforting him, apologizing… giving lots and lots of kisses. We went downstairs and I pulled up Party in My Tummy… his favorite Yo Gabba Gabba video… and my go to distraction. He immediately stopped crying. I inspected him, checked his pupils… he looked alright. He could still move around, pull himself up… he functioned normally.

I informed my husband and our family. I was dreading their responses… surely they would tell me what a fool I was and how awful I am. I was beating myself up already. I felt horrible. Shockingly, their responses weren’t harsh… but comforting. “Babies bounce.” “Just the first of many bumps.” “Poor thing, how are you holding up?” “It happens to the best of us.”

After consulting Google about babies falling off of beds, it seems there is an overwhelming trend among  seven month old children. They fall off of things! Beds, couches, restaurant booths, tables. I was astounded.

Right now, he is asleep in his CRIB. I called the pediatrician this afternoon. “Is he fussy?” Well… he is teething… but no fussier than usual. “Is he throwing up?” Well… he always spits up… but no more than usual. She said he should be fine… but we need to poke him ever four hours while he sleeps to make sure he responds.

I just received a Facebook message from my husband asking when Munchie fell asleep and inquiring as to whether or not we need to poke him yet. LMAO. No, Sweetie… not yet.

***Be sure to share your own parenting fails… it will make me feel better.***

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