Sir, the things that excite you absolutely astound me. Silly songs that you are familiar with, rolling a sensory ball, making noise. If only I were so easily amused. You are starting to laugh at things around you. You find the dog to be hysterical, truly giggle your heart out when we “Tip (the teapot) over and pour (the teapot) out,” and… as any mature human… burst into full on belly laughs at the sound of a fart toot.

Now that you are mobile, you are becoming curious. You will chase the vacuum, charge at the dog, and inspect the dishwasher. Anything that moves, reflects, or makes noise… well… it has your attention. The other day, you flushed your own turd down the toilet and were nothing short of amazed. (No, my seven month old is not potty trained… though I wish he were. Sometimes, if there are solid poops in his diaper, I flush them… so this time, he got to flush his own.) I love the simple things that boggle your mind. I can actually see you thinking (Though sometimes you are pooping… and yes… I am talking about poop a lot… because parenting has a lot to do with poop. If you don’t believe me, you obviously don’t have kids.).You are very curious… and I assume you are rather philosophical. In the future, your curiosity will likely drive me up a wall and turn my hair grey… but that’s how you learn.

Thankfully, some other curious folks invented things like ladders (to get me down from that wall) and hair dye (to cover up those grays). Go forth Munchie… be curious… be excited… be amused… be amazing.