From the moment I conceived, I began to experience emotions that I simply had not felt before. Perhaps all of the hormones that invaded my body… and continue to invade… because though I have NOT done scientific research (or even consulted Google) I am quite certain that once you have a child, your hormone levels will never return to “pre-baby” levels (this goes for moms AND dads). ┬áRegardless… highs seem higher, lows seem lower… and you develop a melting point.

While I’m sure my definition of melting point will one day be defined as “how long Munchie can hang from the top branch of a tree, by one arm, while laughing, before Mom has a full on meltdown”… today, we are defining that melting point as adorable moments that melt your heart. Particularly, when Munchie is interacting with other people in a loving and caring way that makes you genuinely believe he knows the definition of love and compassion.

Giving hugs and kisses, holding hands with his friends… the list goes on. But for this momma, all of these events lead to one thing… Momma Bish melting into a big pile of goo on the floor. I love it!