Munchie started teething when he was two months old. Five months later, we still don’t have any signs of teeth. The pediatrician said they are pretty far down in those gums and she would be shocked if they made an appearance before his first birthday. When I asked if we should be concerned, she assured us… eventually, he would get teeth… and he would have them for the rest of his life.

Since he is going to have teeth for the rest of his life, I might as well start showing him how to take care of those pearly whites! So, I put a chair in the bathroom and plop him in it each morning while I brush my teeth. I hand him his tiny little toothbrush and face him. He mimics my brush strokes and is doing quite a lovely job. We sing songs, bounce around, and smile while we brush away.

Healthy teeth, healthy gums… healthy smiles.