The concept of fighting sleep fascinates me… and by “fascinates me”… I mean drives me freaking crazy. Little tiny baby, sleep is the ONE thing that you can do on your own! You don’t NEED me to do anything! If you would just close your little eyes, you would achieve the very goal you have in mind! Even after 15 minutes of rocking, bouncing, swaying, singing, shushing, and rocking… you STILL won’t fall asleep. Instead, you scream and holler until you have exhausted every last ounce of energy and quite literally go limp in our arms and give in. Close your eyes! You don’t have deadlines to meet or chores to finish. You have a handful of jobs (eat, fill diapers, sleep) and this is the ONLY one you can do by yourself (because someone has to change those full diapers). So…why the fight? One day… you will WANT to take naps… but you will have responsibilities that prevent that from becoming a possibility. Please child… I beg you… sleep. Nap for yourself… and then nap again for those who aren’t as fortunate as you… those who can’t afford to nap. (Ha ha… like adults.)

You are going to be napping for quite a few years. So, stop fighting it. Embrace it.