Kids tend to lounge around and fall asleep in the most precarious positions. I often look at Munchie and his cohorts and cringe at the thought of attempting their contorted positions. Sometimes, they just kind of flop over and land on something… then just call it good! Umm… excuse me. You are sleeping on a pile of Legos! I’m pretty sure that rivals a bed of nails. Then again, perhaps their squishy little bodies (alright… my kid’s squishy body) can’t feel the mountain range of geometric nightmares they are perched upon.

I love to watch kids in car seats. (Not in a creepy way.) Now that the law says “rear facing until two,” you have kids all balled up and crunched in there. As if just looking at that 5-point harness doesn’t send me into a claustrophobic panic… add the squish factor… and I’m sure these kids would rather just ride their tricycles 45 miles to Grandma’s house. I guess it’s a good thing kids are flexible.

Now that Munchie and his friends are starting to move around, the positions they tangle themselves up in send me to my knees in laughter. Imagine, two tiny humans sitting next to each other like this <^ (those are their feet). One kid flips back and starts flailing around. His legs get stuck around the other kid’s torso. The stuck kid flops forward, trying to crawl away… but he can’t crawl yet. The flailing child begins kicking. The stuck child is in the downward dog position, but has his head on the floor and can’t seem to figure out how to move any part of his body. He then falls over. Now you have two babies, tangled together… yelling at gibberish at each other, trying to break free. Don’t worry. Eventually, the babies rolled away from one another, landed on separate piles of Legos, and fell asleep.

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