Did you know babies are washable? Hand wash only. Blot dry. Do not iron.

The other day, we were at my mom’s house. Munchie was chewing on everything in site. Gram very excitedly jumped up, ran to the pantry, and returned with these fancy new teething biscuits she had picked up at the store. Instead of joining in her excitement, my mind jumped into panic mode. WE DON’T HAVE A CHANGE OF CLOTHES! (We had already gone through the spare outfit in the diaper bag… and I had a rental car, so I didn’t have the extra-backup outfit either.) Before I could react, he was already gnawing on the treat, making one heck of a mess.

Well on my way to hyperventilating, a light bulb popped over my head and illuminated a glimmer of sanity that was buried under a pile of useless trigonometry I had once learned and covered in cobwebs. I CAN WASH THIS SMALL HUMAN… AND HIS CLOTHES!!! I’m pretty sure that’s when I heard angels singing a peaceful “Ahhhhh!!!!”

I have seriously spent an insane amount of time figuring out how to prevent messes. But, in reality… most messes are as simple to clean up as sticking your kid in the bathtub and wiping something down with a Clorox wipe. (Those Clorox wipes are my new best friend… I think I should get some kickbacks for all these plugs!)

People always say, “He’s only going to be a baby once… enjoy it.” Well, if I stop fussing over silly things… like the mess of a little teething biscuit… I would have a lot more time to enjoy this baby stage. So, that’s what I’m going to try and do. Chillax Momma… He’s Washable!