Mommy, Did You Just Call that Lady a Duck?


You know, it’s the freaking holiday season. You should be nice to people. I have been trying so hard to be nice… and doing so has required me to bite my tongue on more than one occasion, keep my less than nice comments to myself, and when people choose to be less than nice to me… I have tried to brush it off.

UNTIL TODAY. My tongue was sore, from all that biting. Those less than nice comments started to boil up from within. And then it happened… I tripped on the mountain of “crap crumbs” I had been brushing off my shoulder. I took all of my rage out on some woman who has been bashing all of my posts on a certain forum.

The more I thought about it, the more I pitied this woman who had nothing better to do that sit online and try to bully me with her lies. (Which included some horrid math skills.) The comment I ended up posting was far nicer than what I was actually thinking in my mind, or yelling at my computer. I simply corrected her incorrect math and further defined my reasoning with logic (something she was clearly lacking).

The lesson I learned today is that I need to be honest… be myself… and just put a bit of a holiday buffer on it. What I think I really need is a glass of bitchy wine (a dry red… if makes me pucker into a bitchy face), a good venting buddy (who is on her way up from Texas, as we speak), and an afternoon of honesty. If I’m going to put a buffer on for the world, I need a safe environment to free myself from pent up aggression.

May your days be merry and bright… and may all your friends be up for a glass of bitchy wine (or juice).

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