Shopping… Along for the Ride


Now that Munchie can sit up, he rides in the front of the shopping cart… most of the time. The only exception to this is if he is asleep when we get to the store. If he is sleeping, I put his carrier IN the cart. (Please note, I did not say ON the cart.) This usually isn’t a big deal… unless I have a long list. Fortunately, Munchie has become familiar with waking up in the cart… buried in groceries.

The first few times he “helped hold the groceries,” he just stared at them and tried to push them away. Now, he digs around, checks things out… which requires Momma Bish to be a little more cautious about squishy and breakable items (bread, bananas, eggs, etc) and things he knows belong to him (yogurt bites, puffs, etc). The BEST items to let Munchie “carry” include pasta, cereal, and anything else that makes noise when you shake it, or beat it like a drum.

Very soon, we will be upgrading our carseats… and I will have no other option than waking Munchie up to ride in the front of the cart. Someone needs to develop a crate I can put under the cart for my child to sleep in. I have seen kids sleeping in the basket of the cart… but then… where would I put my groceries? I would rather not implore the pull one, push one method… but I will if I have no other option.


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