The  stench emanating from my child’s butt is offensive. I thought things were bad when we switched from breastmilk to formula. Then, I thought they couldn’t get much worse when we introduced fruits and vegetables. But now that meat has been thrown into the mix… RUN FOR COVER!

Before we started introducing solids, Munchie would laugh when he pooped. His laughter made the diaper changing process a little more bearable. Now? Even HE scrunches up his face and cries. Poop that makes even the owner shed a tear? This is out of control.

Funky odors aren’t the only oddity coming from my child’s rear. Nope… we also have an extensive range of colors coming out. Some days, you would think he chased down an effing leprechaun, told him to keep his pot of gold, and then consumed the poor guy’s entire freaking rainbow. We are seriously talking about colors I didn’t know the human body was capable of creating.

I had been warned by my Facebook fans about certain foods that will lead to diapers full of surprises… but nothing could have prepared me for the magical qualities of blueberries. I had been advised that feeding Munchie too many could result in me believing he had consumed a Smurf village… which it did… but that wasn’t the only thing that happened. After just a few minutes of contact with skin, that blue poo stained his bum! (I swear he wasn’t sitting there for long!)

I tell you what… dull moments are few and far between around here.