I have officially decided that baby toys are nothing but a big ole waste of money. I can make my own by digging though the trash. I’m not suggesting you dump the contents of your trashcan on the kitchen floor and put your child in the middle of the madness… though that would most likely rock their world… I’m suggesting you be a little forward thinking and try reusing some of the trash you produce. (This is when a large majority of my faithful readers think the hippies are bringing me even further over to the dark “green” side. LOL… but it’s really the Girl Scout in me that likes to make shit out of garbage.)

This morning, we had a freakishly amazing November weather… so I took our activity outside. Munchie spent a good five minutes just siting in his highchair, staring off the deck. People say babies can’t see very far… but I beg to differ. Either that, or I need to get in touch with the X-Men… because my child has super powers and can see pretty far. His five minutes of exploring nature gave me enough time to rip the labels off some water bottles, put some tap water in them (not all water comes from bottles), and drop in some food coloring.┬áMunchie spent the next 15-20 minutes exploring colors.

I’m going to glue the lids on and save our color exploration bottles. I can’t wait to make more “trashy” toys. Trust me, for the money you save… such “craftiness” might be worth trying. It took very little imagination, time, and energy. Sheesh… who knew trash could be so educational and fun!?!?!