We’re Gonna Cook Up Tom the Turkey?


You bet your sweet binkie we are gonna cook up Tom the Turkey… and his friend Penny the Pig… because Thanksgiving is coming… and there is no better way to celebrate than with family, friends, and feeding our faces! (And apparently alliteration.)

This morning, at church, we dipped out of service to change what can only be described as an “offensive butt.” While laying on the changing pad in the nursery, a big bright turkey caught Munchie’s eye. I glanced up at the bulletin board, where the turkey resided, and caught a glimpse of a poem. It read… blah blah blah… Tom the Turkey… something something. Okay… I don’t remember what it said… but I do remember it talked about our friend Tom the Turkey and how we were going to see him on Thanksgiving. WHAT?!?!

I was more than taken aback by the poem, intended to be a harmless rhyme for children… children too young to really understand that Tom the Turkey would not only be our guest of honor on Thanksgiving day… but Tom was going to be the main course. My in-laws would have been beyond proud of what I did next. I looked my beautiful child in the eye and said, “Yes, Tom the Turkey is going to be at our house for Thanksgiving… and he is going to be delicious. Yes, Munchie. We are eating Tom the Turkey.”

Munchie didn’t seem to care… but marrying into a family that farms and hunts has made me very aware of where my food is coming from. We need to respect the animals we are eating. Perhaps that is why I feel a responsibility to accurately inform my child of where his food is coming from. While we do not typically make a habit of chowing down on dinner guests… we will be consuming our dear friend Tom the Turkey. Let’s be honest with our children. You see that bright and beautiful bird? We gonna cook ’em up an eat ’em. GET THAT BIRD IN MY BELLY!

Side note: In the middle of writing this post, Munchie ate turkey for the first time… and he loved it. Turkey… officially his first protein! Gobble Gobble!

2 thoughts on “We’re Gonna Cook Up Tom the Turkey?

  1. I applaud you for being honest with your child. I hope it continues and that you dispel the myth of the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus.

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