Homemade Baby Food… This Bish Must Be Crazy


Similar to breastfeeding… if you don’t feed your baby homemade puree… they will surely die. (LIES.) In the words of a wise and wonderful home birth hippie, “To be a good mom, you just need to feed your baby out of love!” When I gave Munchie formula, I felt like a bad mom… until that wise soul knocked some sense into me. The same goes for baby food. If you can’t, or choose not to, make your own… it’s going to be okay! To be completely honest, the reasons I make Munchie’s baby food don’t have a whole heck of a lot to do with him. In fact, making his food is kind of a selfish, control freak, sort of move for this momma.

My reasons for making homemade baby food.

1.) I feel like… if I’m going to be a stay at home mom… I need to do something “domestic” from time to time.
2.) I am a control freak. The life of a mom has so many moving parts, I need to be in control of something. Controlling what ingredients I use, where they come from, and what flavors we are mixing together… well… that is enough control to give me my “fix.”
3.) I refuse to pay $1.00 for a tiny jar of bananas. Do you know how much banana puree I can make for $1.00? Making my own baby food is super affordable… even when we buy organics!
4.) I don’t like the limited selection of prepackaged foods. Making my own lets me incorporate more exciting foods and flavors… which will hopefully prevent Munchie from being super picky in the future… but only time will tell!

Quite a few people have asked me how I make Munchie’s baby food. To be honest, I don’t follow any recipes. I just follow a few simple steps… and BAM… baby food.

1.) Pick your foods. (Sometimes I look in the baby food aisle for ideas… or google… or ask other moms.)
2.) Cook your food. (Boil or roast your veggies… meat should be cooked until well done. I don’t do much to fruit.)
3.) Blend your food. (Add water or stock to your solids and blend until smooth.)
4.) Freeze your food. (Pour into ice cube trays. Freeze. Store in freezer bags. LABEL YOUR BAGS!)

It really isn’t rocket science. I cheat on apples… much cheaper to just buy organic apple sauce. Make sure you only introduce one food at a time… give each new food a three day intro period before adding it to the regular rotation. This will help you identify food allergies. Fruit can get expensive, so I usually do a mixture of apple, banana, and a third fruit. You can get fancy and mix different cubes together. (1 cube squash + 1 cube banana = sqanana!!!)

When I find a food Munchie doesn’t like, I just add a cube of something he enjoys. (1 cube peas + 1 cube beets = peets = happy Munchie!)

So, I don’t make my own baby food because I am a better mom than you… or because my child is better than yours. I make my own baby food because I am a control freak that likes to save money and sometimes gets bored hanging out with an infant. (Oh crap… I did NOT just say that. Wait… yes I did… and every stay at home mom will agree with me. Sometimes babies are boring… but we still love them.)

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