Chasing Chickens


We celebrated our Veterans Day out at the Bish farm… with our very own veteran… Grandpa Bish. My husband grew up on a farm… but I did not. Yes, the good ‘ole farm boy married himself a “city slicker.” I am always amused by events that take place on the farm. Having grown up in the suburbs, I am often caught off guard by some of the crazy things that happen while we are visiting. While I am often flustered and caught off guard, my family of farmers doesn’t miss a beat.

Case and point… yesterday the chickens escaped. They were chasing a peacock that had wandered onto the property and were headed for the road. The “city slicker” internally chuckled, thinking… “Why did the chicken cross the road?!?!” But, the glimmer of farmer that has started to rub off on me saw food running away.

Fortunately, my mother in law had a plan… because I had no idea how I intended to catch these critters! Should I have grabbed a sack of some sort? Were we going to shove the chickens in pillow cases and haul them back to the coop? Well, it turns out chickens are a lot easier to catch than you might think. We just kind of chased them toward the coop, cornered them, and then my mother in law would snatch them up. We trimmed their wings, so they couldn’t fly over the fence (it’s just like a haircut… doesn’t hurt them… and staying in the yard is safer for them than running off) and tossed them back into the coop.

You know who didn’t get their wings trimmed? The rooster. No way in hell I’m catching that monster! (Roosters are evil… aside from waking everyone up… they have sharp spurs on their feet and super sharp beaks. Go ahead… mess with a rooster… I dare you!)

About an hour later, we had another chicken on the loose. This time, I tied my Moby on in record speed, tucked Munchie inside, and off we went to chase some chickens! We spent most of that adventure distracting the dogs… because dogs love chickens… but not in the snuggle up kind of way… in the nom nom chicken kind of way. Oh, Munchie’s first chicken chase!

You never know what might happen out at the farm. Next time, a horse could be on the loose… the bull could charge… or a calf could be born… you just never know. What you can be sure of, though… is a trip to the farm is always an adventure!

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