Hold on to your britches… this is going to be a bumpy ride! About a month ago, I made a trip to the local “hippie store” to stock up on organic fruits and vegetables I could use to make Munchie’s baby food. With the best of intentions, I filled my cart, came home, steamed, boiled, toiled, blended, scooped, poured, and froze a nice beginner’s stockpile of organic homemade baby food. I have gone the hippie, organic, homeopathic route for most Munchie related needs.

But something has occurred to me. My husband and I do not shop organic for ourselves. For the most part, we don’t really eat organic. I mean, yeah… we buy local, when it’s convenient. We get our meat, veggies, and fruit from the family farm, when they are available. But we don’t go out of our way to fill our plates with organic foods. To be 100% honest, we don’t plan to change our habits when Munchie starts eating “real people food.”

I have talked to a few other mainstream moms about this (but was hesitant to mention it to the hippie moms I hang out with… I am already on their shit list for letting Munchie use technology… not trying to be exiled or anything) and was able to have some really interesting conversations about the topic. I talked to other moms with babies Munchie’s age. I talked to a few moms with older kids. I even included a random stranger in the baby food aisle at Toys R Us! The topic really made me, and some of the other moms, think. WHY organic? HOW LONG will we feed our babies organic foods? WHAT is the fear of non-organic food?

Earlier today, after buying a freaking organic turkey, I consulted the internet. The MEDICAL community says that while organic foods contain less chemicals, they aren’t necessarily any healthier for you. Experts haven’t proven organic foods to be any more nutritious than non-organic foods. No one has even proved these pesticides to be unsafe. The Mayo Clinic says you should just feed your kid(s) healthy foods… and would lead one to believe that a balanced diet is more important than an organic diet. I think I could feed a family of four a well balanced non-organic meal for the price of a bag of frozen organic broccoli. (That shiznit is expensive!)

By all means, if you want to completely alter your family’s eating habits and go organic… more power to you. (Or maybe you already eat organic…) But… that’s not for me. My plan? I’m going to stick with organic homemade baby food… but once he starts eating “real people food” that will most likely change. That being said, during my “field research” I learned about the dirty dozen, which we will probably try to buy organic. I think I’m going to try and get more local meat, too. I’m hormonal enough for this whole family… we sure as heck don’t need to be eating even more of them in our meat!

Meh… we will see how long this organic nonsense lasts in my house. But I’m curious… where do YOU stand?