Raccoon footed terry cloth jammies? Hell yes, I want a pair of those! Munchie will play with his raccoon feet for close to an hour… can you imagine how long that would entertain a drunk person? Not to mention the fact, these bad boys are incredibly cozy! Get me a pair of those! In fact… the overwhelming majority of baby clothes are made out of some heavenly material, built for comfort, and convenience. Why can’t clothes for adults be the same way?

Let’s just talk “jeans” for a moment. You thought jeggings were comfortable? Munchie has j-weatpants. That’s right. Blue jeans meet sweat pants… one thing leads to another… and they make a baby… the baby is j-weatpants. Hook me up with several pairs of those, please!

While I might have to draw the line at adults prancing through the streets with turtles, monkeys, and other adorable creatures on the seat of their pants (some of us are still recovering from the fad of sweatpants with words and phrases scrolled across the bum… some horrid images are still burned into my brain), the idea of one piece outfits, aka rompers, is something I would love to add to my wardrobe. Imagine… waking up… and pulling a romper from the closet. No need to color coordinate separates… no need to try on multiple outfit components. Rompers are the way to go! I would likely wear them every gosh darn day.

And when can we expect to see overalls make a reappearance in the fashion world? I rocked them as a kid… and I remember adults rocking them, too. I am (not so) patiently waiting for the cyclical world of fashion to bring back my denim friends. I long for the comfort… and convenience. The security of knowing your pants are always pulled up and no one can see your bum… ahhh… luxury!

Among the many things I love about shopping for baby clothes? You can buy a whole outfit on the same hanger! I can’t tell you how many times I have gone shopping for myself, brought home bottoms, and not had a top to go with it. (Or vice versa.) Just put everything on one hanger (top, bottom… maybe even an accessory or two), ensuring each component has some stretch to it (elastic waist bands will become our friends), and we wouldn’t have to waste our time trying to put together outfits on our own! Genius!

And while they don’t fall in the clothing category, I feel I should mention these baby blankets that literally feel like God himself is embracing your child with angel whispers. They are beyond soft, cuddly, and adorable. I don’t know what they are made of… but I’m about to buy a stack of them, whip out my sewing machine, and make my own adult sized version. (I would buy my own because stealing from babies is mean.)

Shoot… while I am demanding baby gear in adult sizes, let’s throw in a couple of those hooded towels, too. I will take a duck one, please.

In addition to availability, I also wish that dawning such apparel would be socially acceptable… because I would like to rock my romper to dinner… and not just Walmart. (You can pretty much get away with anything at Walmart.)