We have spent the last YEAR training Trickery (our dog) to leave Munchie’s things alone. It started with a stuffed owl and continued as mountains of baby crap filled our home. She has been absolutely AMAZING at leaving things alone. Trickery knows which toys belong to her and which toys belong to Munchie. She is a puppy genius!

In the last few days, Trickery has delivered baby toys to me. She knows they belong to the baby… so why is she picking them up? Today, I caught her in the act and didn’t know how to correct the behavior. You may be wondering why… well… this is what I witnessed.

Munchie is sitting in his highchair, beating the tray with a wooden spoon. (This is the ultimate distraction. We buy all of these freaking toys… and he wants to hit shit with a spoon. Go figure.) I then watch him make eye contact with Trickery, who is just sitting next to the highchair… watching. Munchie extends the wooded spoon to the dog… right in her face. Trickery VERY gently puts the spoon in her mouth… and Munchie lets go. Trickery walks under the table… and brings me the spoon.

WHAT. THE. FRENCH TOAST. My four and a half month old baby has undone a YEAR of dog training… and I don’t know how to handle the situation! For now, I am just happy that Trickery is bringing me the things Munchie “shares” with her. I don’t want to punish the dog… she isn’t really doing anything wrong. And I don’t want to correct Munchie for sharing… sooo… yeah. That is what has been going on over here at our house.

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