What’s Halloween without a decorative pumpkin? This morning, we braved the world of paint. What started as a beautiful image in Mommy’s mind of Munchie somehow using a paintbrush soon turned into amazing chaos… and I really do mean AMAZING!

We really did start with a paintbrush… though I don’t know what kind of cloud I was floating on when I thought that would ever work. A few hand over hand strokes and Munchie planted his left hand right in red paint. I cringed… thinking of the horrible mess, the stained clothes, the “zombie” baby that would be splattered in red before long. Then I took a breath and decided to let go. BEST DECISION EVER. I quickly wiped off Munchie’s hand, stripped him down, squirted some paint on the cool orange canvas, and let him go to town!

He was elated… squeaks of excitement came from his tiny little self. His left hand was flying around in the paint, colors were swirling… and I was on top of my game, explaining to him that blue and yellow make green, blue and red make purple, and red and yellow make orange. While snapping pictures, Munchie rubbed his eye and Daddy yelled, “EM, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?! Stop taking pictures and watch the kid!” But, I just couldn’t stop documenting this incredible experience.

We had a blast, made a mess, and Mommy learned to let go just a little bit more. Kids need to get messy sometimes… and today was one of those times. Can’t wait to paint again soon!

Note: We used acrylic paint and it worked like a charm. It will stick to your pumpkin, wash off your kid… but watch out for those clothes, the carpet, family pets, etc. And please, don’t let your baby eat the paint. Be close by with some wipes! And most of all… enjoy!!!