Teething… She’s a Cold-Hearted Witch


That big gummy face is staring at you, red, streaming with tears… and it’s all because of the hellish pain that is being unleashed in that tiny little mouth. Sharp little daggers are slowly pushing their way toward the surface, trying to break their way through the pink flesh within your baby’s mouth. And what are we to do while our children are in agony? This new sensation… pain… is overwhelming… and all we want to do is help.

I have been told that the teething process is different for each child… and each tooth. We started the brutal process two months ago… and through the drool, fevers, and cries, veteran parents have offered their advice, wisdom, and support.

1. Gripe Water… my first line of defense against everything.
2. Hyland’s Teething Tablets… these things are magical and I HIGHLY recommend them.
3. Tylenol… which I only use if a fever is present, or Munchie seems to be in some serious pain.
4. Frozen Carrots… get big carrots, peel them, chop off the ends, freeze. As the baby gums them, the carrots thaw and get rubbery. One of my favorite tricks, so far.
5. Frozen Waffles… catch the drool, but you need to pay attention… chunks will come off.
6. Teething Rings… really anything the baby can stick in their mouth is great. Personally, I don’t like the ones you put in the freezer. Munchie doesn’t like to hold cold things and I know once he gets a tooth, he is just going to bite a hole in them.
7. Cold/Frozen Washcloth… seems to work very well and soaks up the drool.
8. Baby Orajel… I know there is some controversy about this. One con… after your baby’s first tooth is that the gel will numb their mouth and they might bite themselves.

That’s our current list… but I’m sure it will continue to grow. Poor little teething babies… all we want to do is take away your pain! We have tried some of the methods and are holding a few others in our back pocket. So far, here is what we have… and if you want to add to the list, please do!

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