Baby? Check. Adorable Costume? Check. Stroller? Check. No, this kid isn’t old enough for candy… but Mommy and Daddy are… and Mommy needed a good excuse to get out of the house! On Thursday, we were leaving playgroup and another Mom mentioned Safe Harvest, a Halloween event at the local college. I got home, Googled it, and decided to go! 

We roll up to the campus about 45 minutes into the event. The air was chilly, but nothing a dinosaur couldn’t handle. I pull Munchie out of his car seat and notice a ripe smell coming from his pants. Lovely. A quick change in the trunk (very quick change… it was too cold for a baby to be naked very long) and we were set. Thank goodness he did that BEFORE we started our rounds! So, I grab the giant pillow that makes up my little Munch-a-saurous’s ferocious body and wiggle him inside. I pop the costume hat on his noggin, and stick him in the stro–. Err… let’s try that again. I stick him in the stroll–. Okay… I jam him in the stroller.

Now for the straps. Umm.. yeah. The straps on our stroller were meant to restrain a small child… not a dinosaur! I manage to strap in a leg and call it good. Let’s be honest… he wasn’t going anywhere. We begin our trek across the campus (a long trek… it was seriously packed and we had to park a good distance away). We were about half way to the main building, when we bumped into some friends and just mashed into their group. Our traveling hoard of ninjas, princesses, pumpkins, and a few Dark Knights visited six of the dorms on campus, fully decked out as their own haunted house. Kids trick or treated through the common rooms. On our stroll between dorms, I just plopped Munchie on the canopy of his stroller and wheeled him around. Munchie got a million compliments on his costume… all of the college girls were fawning over him… and had I been better prepared, I am quite certain I could have talked my way into a few nights of free babysitting. (I won’t pay you… but I will let you hold my baby and eat all of my Top Ramen.) 

What you might not consider about a college campus? They aren’t exactly stroller friendly. (My husband later pointed out that being stroller friendly isn’t usually a selling point for the majority of colleges.) I was lugging my little dinosaur around quite a bit. Carrying a 20 pound four month old is enough of a challenge… but add a costume that triples his size? Zoiks! In the end, all of my hard work is how I justified earning my share of his Halloween loot. (Which he rolled away with a pretty good amount of!)

Three take aways from this post?
Dinosaurs do not fit in strollers.
Most college campuses do not strive to be stroller friendly.
Munchie’s favorite candy? Nerds… because he likes to shake the box.

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