That’s right ladies and gentlemen. My baby watches television… and he isn’t the “recommended” two years of age. (Yes, the medical community says you shouldn’t let your kids watch television before two years of age. Sadists.) As a result… we have clean clothes, clean dishes, and meals (though we rarely get a chance to eat them while they are still hot). Like any drug, I would like to believe I administer a responsible dose of television, as necessary. Of course, we only watch educational shows… like Dinosaur Train, which will suck in the unsuspecting adult. Sure, you have heard of the triceratops, the tyrannosaurus rex… but have you heard of the pteranodon? Or the oryctodromeus? Well, if you watch Dinosaur Train you have! I think I learn more from this show than any college course I took… and they have a whole episode about poop and how you shouldn’t hold it in. I still think some of my professors were full of crap, so perhaps even THEY could learn a thing or two from Dinosaur Train.

Another show we approve of? Curious George. You want to be an inquisitive little monkey? Always asking questions? Always using your brain? Fan-freaking-tastic! Go for it Munchie! Additionally, another Mom friend pointed out that the monkey noises seem to be like crack for babies. They just can’t get enough… and every time babies start to lose interest, look away from the television, start to fuss… that little monkey comes back into their world to dose them with another monkey noise “fix”. Damn you, you clever little monkey… I only wish I had such super powers.

I’m not above comparing television to drugs. I do think kids can “OD” and get too much. I don’t think the television should be used as a babysitter… but I also understand that sometimes Mommy and Daddy might need to accomplish some things… and that’s alright. Sure Munchie spends a bit of time in front of the boob tube… but not the whole day. We spend plenty of time reading, playing, singing, interacting with other humans, going outside… but let’s face it… technology is a part of our lives. (Unless you are Amish.) If we don’t give our kids the opportunity to learn about responsible levels of technology consumption, they are likely to one day go off to college, binge-watch television all night long, fail all of their classes, get kicked out of school, never meet the love of their life, end up in some dead end job, lonely and depressed… with a house full of cats.

And THAT ladies and gentlemen is why I let Munchie watch television (in reasonable quantities).