I have so much to say… that I don’t even know where to begin. How about this… my child is freaking adorable. Just look at him… all decked out in his fall-ware… dawning a freaking pumpkin hat, with matching pumpkin bib that say “Mummy’s Little Pumpkin”… and a onesie that says “Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch – Lil Bish” (that you can’t see because it was quite cold… and I’m a good mom who bundles my child up on blustery days… though may have contemplated letting him get a little chilly for a photo op… but the grandmas were there and would have beat me senseless… so I couldn’t get away with anything like that.) This is a good time to point out that my child is 100 times better dressed than I am… and wears more sensible clothing than his father. (Daddy opted to wear a t-shirt and shorts… and nearly turned into a popsicle on our great pumpkin picking adventure. Not my problem… I can only be responsible for one man at a time.)

Second bullet point. Pumpkin picking is one of my favorite nostalgic activities. I absolutely love it. I get downright giddy. Last year, we headed to the pumpkin patch knowing that Munchie was in tow. He wasn’t even the side of a pumpkin seed yet… and we hadn’t told a sole. (Keeping a baby a secret is a really difficult task… especially for someone like myself who is not known for her secret keeping abilities. Still apologizing for many ruined Christmases. I was like effing Oprah… YOU get a Gameboy… and YOU get a Gameboy… shit… I think Mom only knows about one of the Gameboy surprises I ruined. Whatever… she can’t keep a secret either. Like mother, like daughter. Plus, I’m pretty sure there is a statute of limitations on spilling the beans.) ANYWAY… last year at the pumpkin patch, we kept talking about how this year we would have a little one with us… and how exciting that would be.

Third bullet point… it’s about to get mushy. Well, yesterday we did have a little one with us… and grandmas… and an aunt and uncle. Munchie got hauled around, posed with pumpkins… gnawed on a gourd in the field… it was amazing. A true family adventure. What made the experience even more incredible is the pumpkin patch we visited. We went to Brookfield Pumpkins… run by Farmer Sam. I spent a good deal of my childhood out on that farm. Farmer Sam’s daughter, Julie, was one of my closest childhood friends. (Advanced congrats to she and her hubby… welcoming their first pumpkin into the world around Halloween… how fitting!) We watched cows have babies, drove around in the golf cart, wandered through the fields and down the lane. Being back on that farm brought back so many incredible memories. Sharing that space, that dirt, and those memories with my family… absolutely priceless. I can’t think of anywhere more fitting to take Munchie for his first pumpkin… and many more pumpkins… for ┬ámany more years to come.