Homemade Gripe Water… Because I’m Not Paying $10 a Bottle

gripe water

Gripe water is the bee’s knees. If you have a baby and don’t know what it is, or haven’t discovered it’s magical powers… you need to crawl out of your cave and discover the amazingness that awaits you. This stuff is kind of  like a cure all. Baby has the hiccups? Gripe water. Baby needs some help getting that gas out? Gripe water. Baby is fussy? Gripe water. Baby is teething? Gripe water. Baby won’t sleep? Oh, what the hell… let’s try some Gripe water. Momma had a rough day? Pour yourself a shot and chase it with some gripe water.

One of the most helpless feelings I have experienced (so far) is an inconsolable baby that you can’t do anything for. Either I don’t know why the baby is crying… or I just don’t know what I can do to help. Enter gripe water. Perfectly natural… and makes Mommy feel like she is doing something to help out. (Sometimes I wonder how much of the gripe water cures are psychological… a bit of a placebo effect for Mommy… oh well… don’t care… I swear by this stuff.)

So, we started using gripe water… and the recommended dosage has you flying through the stuff. At roughly $10 a bottle, you might as well sell a kidney if you plan on purchasing this stuff for any period of time. Thank goodness for the incredible moms I have met thus far… always offering helpful tips and advice. I can’t take credit for this recipe… I give all the credit to another library mom. Because of her, I won’t need to sell any organs on the black market until Munchie heads off to college.

Gripe Water Recipe

One thing of fennel… the bulb, stalk, and leafy things… chopped up a bit
One finger of ginger… the length of your pinkie… peeled and sliced up
Four(ish) cups of water

BOIL THE HELL OUT OF THIS FOR ABOUT AN HOUR TO MAKE A STOCK.  (Cover it, or your water will evaporate.)

Remove from heat and toss in three chamomile tea bags for 10-15 minutes.

Add a bit of lemon and sugar, to taste. (I used that organic sugar… but I seriously doubt it will make any kind of difference.)

NOW BOTTLE IT UP!!! Keep a jar, bottle, container of it in the fridge… and freeze the rest.

For dosing information, I suggest peeking at a bottle of the expensive stuff while you are shopping for ingredients. (Or you could Google it.)

Here is my non-scientific explanation of why this stuff works. Fennel has a sort of numbing property. Ginger helps with digestion and tummy troubles. Chamomile is known for it’s calming effects. Lemon and sugar just taste good… so it all makes sense to me!

Munchie loves the stuff. We use it most often for hiccups… and they leave immediately. Speaking of… I hear hiccups coming from the swing.

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