We all know Munchie has been munching on things (unofficially, of course) for a while now… but we officially got the OKAY to introduce foods. Our plan was to skip the purees and go the baby led weaning route. I mean… shit… I bought a book about it and everything. Well, once again, our pediatrician threw around scary words to get us to do what she wants. This time, it was the big “c”… choking. Meh… alright. That doesn’t mean we won’t try different foods from time to time… carefully… but ultimately, it looks like we won’t be skipping the purees.

We have two weeks of baby cereal ahead of us, before we start to work in homemade baby foods. (That was my compromise. Momma needs to have some sort of control.) Word to the wise about making your own baby food… get a babysitter. My incredible multitasking skills led to a knife wound on my thumb and ended with my dear sweet husband scrubbing pureed carrots off the ceiling. (The off and high settings on the VitaMix may look similar… but do very different things.) At the end of the battle, I had twelve ice cube trays filled with orange and green mush. Butternut squash, carrots, and peas… that’s a good start.

The next feat is strapping Munchie into the high chair. We strip him down… no need to dirty another outfit… and start buckling him in. The outcome resembles some sort of baby torture device. We snap on the tray and grab the baby cereal. Spoon goes in Munchie’s mouth… food comes out. Spoon goes back in Munchie’s mouth… food comes out. Well… here is something we didn’t consider… the concept of a SPOON is entirely new… and the texture of this food… also new. Ultimately, more food came back out than went in. This is going to take some work. (People are now going to tell me to put the cereal in a bottle… but we have been advised against that. Sucking too hard has been linked to ear infections… and we certainly don’t have time for that.)

Now we have a Munchie that is covered in goop… cereal in his neck, on his eye… in his hair… and a high chair that appears to have been involved in some sort of epic food battle. Munchie is whisked away and plopped into the bathtub. But… this high chair?!?! The cleaning process starts with me staring at the contraption for a good five minutes, developing a plan of attack. Why did I ever think comfort should be a part of mealtime? What was I thinking when I got the padded one? And these straps? Look at all of those crevices! How will I ever get the goop out? Suggestion… when buying a high chair… just go for the plastic one. I got a cute “upgraded” version… and it’s about to go live in a dumpster.

Today’s plan: Go to Home Depot. Buy a tarp. Put baby on tarp. Feed baby.