The pediatrician recommended more tummy time. Great… just what we all wanted. For those of you who are unfamiliar with tummy time… it sucks. You flop your child on their belly and let them flail around. Most babies hate it. They scream and cry real tears… absolutely traumatic for everyone involved. I am terrified a neighbor is going to report me, based on the noises coming from my house during tummy time. Awful.

Admittedly, I procrastinate tummy time. I have tried to weasel our way out of it on numerous occasions… and talked to other moms who also think tummy time is bogus. When the pediatrician mentioned the words “neurological development” I decided that perhaps we should spend a little more time kicking and screaming each day. I did express my concern about Munchie’s discontent… to which the doctor replied… “yeah, but it’s not really his choice… he just has to do it.” Crap. Looks like I have to put my big girl panties and just deal with it.

So, we get home and give Munchie the news. Trickery must have overheard… because the two of them staged a brilliant protest. You want that baby to learn to use his arms and roll over? Eff that… we are just going to lay here, face down, and nap. If the hippies can occupy Wall Street and DC… we can occupy the play mat. Deuces.

Check and mate.