First, a rant about shopping carts. How is it that I always get the shopping cart that pulls to one side or the other? The shopping cart that, if pushed, would just roll in a circle? An incredibly squeaky wheel? Or better yet, a wheel that won’t roll at all? What is going on in our stores, parking lots, etc to cause such an extreme amount of damage to these devices? Have they been hit by trains traveling at intense speeds? Did little gnomes come out at night and screw with the bolts that hold them together? Are that many college students actually participating in shopping cart jousting competitions? I need an explanation! And what is the average lifespan of a shopping cart, anyway? I think that once they start to rust, its time for an upgrade. Heck… once they don’t push properly, it’s time for an upgrade.

As if shopping carts didn’t drive me crazy to being with… add an infant to the mix and you are in for a whole new world of hurt. First, let me inform you… those infant car seats… they aren’t intended to be put on a shopping cart. The only correct way to put an infant car seat in a shopping cart is to place the seat completely inside of the large basket. Doing this will seriously limit you ability to put items in your cart… but keep your baby safe. I needed to clear that up before fifty million people sent me comments about this “solution.” (Yes, fifty million people read my blog.)

I don’t know if all babies go through this particular awkward stage… but if you don’t get this one in your grab bag, you are sure to have another. Munchie is four months old and weighs in at a whopping 20 pounds. He is far too heavy for me to haul around the store, but not quite stable enough to sit up in a shopping cart. With my extreme shopping skills, I spent the first few months pushing his stroller through the stores, while pulling a shopping cart behind me. This is still a manageable option, but there has to be an easier solution. Many people are reading this and thinking, “wear your baby in one of those carrier things!” But, Munchie isn’t much a fan of being “worn.” In fact, his typical reaction is blood curdling screams. (Good thing we bought a top of the line baby carrier.) He likes to sit up, look around, check things out, and be nosy.

We have started to practice riding in shopping carts. First, I kind of propped him up on a blanket… then we put his legs in the holes and had him sit up. He still flops around quite a bit… but practice makes perfect. Right? Next time you are shopping and see a frazzled mom pushing a squeaky shopping cart in circles, with a baby in the seat who is propped up with a gallon of milk, diapers, blankets, and a box of Cheerios… just say hello… because you have found us. (Asking for our autographs would also be acceptable… since our blog has 50 million readers.)

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